You're probably reading this blog post right now from Drupal Planet. We all know that Drupal Planet is an amazing resource: we use it to keep up with the latest developments in Drupal, find tutorials, and stay connected with the community. However, the limitations of Drupal Planet can be frustrating. During my first month working at Evolving Web, I helped develop an alternative user interface for finding Drupal Planet content called Drupal Sun, which we're launching today.

Need a simpler UI to let administrators manage fields? We recently created a new contributed module called Simple Field. This module simplifies the UI for creating fields and adding them to content types and entities. It also provides granular permissions, so you're not stuck with a single catch-all permission for managing fields. You can see a demo of the module in action at

Creating a search interface for a website with a lot of content requires providing a variety of filters. Sometimes those filters can take on a life of their own, providing hundreds of options for users to filter by. While building widgets for our Drupal/Solr projects, we looked at a couple non-Drupal examples of search interfaces for content-heavy websites.

When designing the search interface for the McGill Univesrity Health Centre website, there was a lot of discussion around the interface for the header search form.

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